Your First Class

What to Expect:

Classes at Resistance are designed to accommodate all fitness levels. Communicate with the amazing coaches about your experience level and any questions/concerns you have, they’ve got your back! 

What to Bring:

Water bottle! We do have a water bottle refill station. We provide complimentary microfiber towels to clean equipment after use. 


Our Facility:

We enter and park in the back, through Edmondson Alley. See image below, and plan to give yourself ~10 minutes of wiggle room to park and get settled. Classes begin on time. 

We understand lateness can happen, LA traffic is no joke, but please don’t let it become a habit!

*We are a dog friendly gym, if you have an allergy please let us know in advance.

Parking and entrance around back in Edmondson Alley

You can also contact us by filling out this form.

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